Yoga with Adriene

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Lately, my life has been more than hectic.

I’m enrolled in two summer classes one of which everyone apparently fails the first time around. The other is a women’s gender studies class and, just by the name of the title, I’m sure you can concur that it is beyond draining.

Amidst my two difficult classes I have an even more difficult job as a tech writer. Everyday my brain is on overload, and my body is stuck at a standstill, bound to a desk.

I’m busy being the secretary of a club at school and as much of a help as I can be for The Wake Up Project as their new Vice President.

Among all of my “official” responsibilities I also like to have a life.

That’s where my new favorite youtube account comes in. Yoga with Adriene has been a calming factor in my not so calm life these days. She is basically a FREE virtual yoga instructor via youtube.

At school I use my apple TV to hook up to youtube to take her classes, and at home I use my regular Comcast TV. Comcast now has a youtube widget where you can search and play all the videos on youtube. Just say “youtube” into your remote.

Adriene offers all kinds of classes. I especially like her morning ones because they are quick and wake me up before my own early classes. You can pick from videos that last 10 minutes to 45. Each video has a thumbnail that tells you what each session is about. Some are “7 minute meditation to start your day” or “yoga for brain power”. Each class offers something different. Sometimes I even like to double up videos and do a 10 minute workout style one and then a 10 minute stretching one. She has yoga for engaging your core, for your legs, and arms. She even has total body yoga videos.

Adriene talks you through the whole process so your eyes don’t have to be on the screen the whole time. During the practice she uses positive language and cute mood boosting phrases. She emphasizes the idea of self care and her voice is incredibly calming.

You can also start a 30 day Yoga Journey with her, I have just recently started the “Dedicate” journey and I have been loving it. Everyday, just 45ish minutes a day I take time to really focus on me and move my body gently.

No matter what you’re looking for, Adriene has it on her channel of 488 videos, and I’m not the only person who loves her account. She has over 5 million subscribers on youtube.

As someone who has never been a huge fan of the gym, with all its spectators and know it all beef heads, it’s nice to have something that can hold me accountable at home. I don’t have to come up with anything on my own, or search through endless shorted instagram workout videos. I can just press play and go on with my day.

So, if your days are as hectic and overbearing as mine, carve out some time  to practice a little self care and check out my girl.

It’s important to move around release all the stress of the day. So, try it out and see what works for you. If you hate it, at least you didn’t waste a single penny on it.



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