Why Wait?

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Lately I have seen many of my friends and acquaintances embarking on different brand building journeys. From skincare to scrunchies it seems everyone is starting to pursue their passions and find their calling.

It excites me to see so many of these people, most of them women, chasing their dreams and getting involved in business, all while supporting each other’s ideas. They do collaborations, they share each other’s work and they’re all only getting better at what they do. I’ve watched their business Instagram accounts go from 5 followers to 500 and they just keep growing. A multitude of people endorse their products and contribute to the social media marketing approach. They are determined to make quality products and take care of their customers. For now, most of their customers are local, but that won’t last long because they are building amazing brands.

This leads me to my thought this week.

If not now when? If you have an idea for a business or a project, why not start it? The truth is, it is never going to be the right time to start. There will always be other things to do and get done. There will always be a big event to get ready for next week, there will always be grocery shopping on Tuesdays. There is never enough time for it all, unless you make time. 

A year from now you will be happy you started today. Even if you just research how to start. Maybe you’re not looking to start a business, maybe you just want to eat clean or join a gym. Maybe you want to get a journal and work on your mental health.

Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve you have to start it as soon as possible, even if its inconvenient, because the best and worst time to start is among life’s chaos. It’s never ending and hard to bypass so just muscle through the beginning, work really hard at whatever it is, and just go for it.

Don’t fall victim to the mediocrity.

We live in such a cookie cutter world where everyone latches onto people who are just like them. It breeds boring. Nobody ever wants to step out of box in fear of the judgement that a move like that will bring. Nobody is ready to put in the hard work it takes to make it in a different world. They don’t want to be up at 6 am designing product labels or creating content.

Plenty of people think it’s dumb, but plenty of people don’t have any vision.

There will be people who doubt you, or whisper to their neighbor that you’re crazy. Your peers may say you’re stupid, that you’re wasting your time. But what are they doing? Working a dead-end job? Skipping the gym? Miserable enough talk down on a goal you have set for your life? Probably.

Those who have something negative to say about your life and how you choose to live it are the mediocrity you must avoid at all costs. Their life is not as full as they wish it was and they’re not doing anything about it. You will come across these people through your process, use them as an example of what you don’t want to be. Let them be a reminder that the further you get the longer it will take them to catch up, if they ever do at all. 

They’ll watch every move you make but they won’t share your work, they won’t buy your product. That’s okay because, there are far more people willing to support you than tear you down. In fact, you’ll get wild support from people you hardly know, and you’ll find yourself a part of a whole different community, one that can add value to your life without taking anything from it.

So whatever idea you have or business you want to create, go for it now. Set goals for yourself, even if they’re small. A little goes a long way especially when you’re being creative or working on yourself. Be proud of being innovative or proactive. Be glad you’re not stuck in a rut. Get out there, join that gym, start that blog, build that business.

Remember this, the beginning is what you look back on at the end. It’s the part that sparked your spirit. Don’t let other people’s mediocrity stomp out your flame. Take your ideas and goals and set a wildfire in your life…and set it today. It may take some time to catch, but all the best things come with time.



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