Meet the Mess, Me.

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As you may have noticed, I have re-branded. I’ve recently decided that I actually don’t have it all together and my life is a total disaster, and I freaking love it. There’s nothing like a good mess to add a little character to your existence. So here we are, roughly two years after I started Grateful Heart, thousands of you, whether you hang here often or stop by once in a while, and as usual I’m ready for change. I’ve decided to rebrand my blog which isn’t always the best decision but, for me at this point it feels necessary. If you’re not excited about the regime change…tragic.

I’ve been watching the people I follow and the “instagram Influencers” on social media put on a front for years now and it’s getting tiring. They swear they have all the answers from relationships to the best cheap diet pill. I don’t want to fall into that category, while I have my insight, I definitely don’t have it all together.

In the spirit of being transparent and true, here comes a theme change. From “have it all together pink glitter goes with everything” to “ here’s the shit I’m in and black is all I wear now”. Although, there’s still nothing that gets me like a hot pink body suit and body glitter.

I’ve decided to write about my life uncensored. So here’s so being a “Pretty Mess” and all the crap that comes with it.



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