Inside Your Head

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Inside our heads is where we spend the most time with ourselves. It’s where we make judgements and rehearse conversations. Our head can either boost our self-worth, or it can break us down, it’s all a matter of perspective and environment.

You will spend your whole life inside your mind, thinking and communicating. Even when you’re in the presence of others, you say everything to yourself first. You think about how they will see you; you make judgements of yourself based on them. It can take a lot out of a person to live that way, but we all do it.

So, the best way to avoid the extra stress and negativity is to talk positively to yourself and others. If you’re constantly reinforcing kindness in your life, your mind will be kind to you. You’re only going to get out of yourself what you put into yourself. A positive mindset is just as important as a healthy diet and a good workout.

Being kind starts with yourself, but it extends to those around you. Putting kindness into the world can never be a bad thing. We all try to be tough but, a settling word, even to those who annoy you, is only good for the world. It brings joy to those who may need it and uplifts your own spirit.

Sometimes we can get caught up in our dislike for a person and it can negatively impact our mindset. Don’t let an interaction with someone who you don’t necessarily want to be around drag you down. Keep pushing for the positive and limit your brains negative reactions as much as possible. Regardless of how well you think you can compartmentalize, you bring your experiences home with you and so does everyone you interact with. Spread as much love as possible, be a friend to those who need it. There is nothing in the world like the view from the high road, so, take it every once in a while.

The human brain is a powerful thing and we don’t know as much about it as we should. One thing we do know is that we are the only ones in control of our head space. It’s up to us to decide how we want to live. We have the power to pick a path. So, pave a path with grace and kindness. Speak from the heart and make it sweet.

You spend your entire life inside your head so, decorate it with kindness and fill it with peace.



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