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A Face Mask with Immediate Results

You don’t have to be a dramatic 20-year-old like myself to take care of your skin. Skin care is for everyone, as it should be! Last year I was having a ton of trouble with my skin and a friend referred me to this amazing clay face mask. The mask uses Aztec Indian healing clay

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Yoga with Adriene

Lately, my life has been more than hectic. I’m enrolled in two summer classes one of which everyone apparently fails the first time around. The other is a women’s gender studies class and, just by the name of the title, I’m sure you can concur that it is beyond draining. Amidst my two difficult classes

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Self Care is for YOU

In the spirit of my last post about the importance of mental health I wanted to write about self care. Many people think “self-care” and, assume pedicures and spa days. While I am no stranger to a deluxe pedicure or a 20 minute face mask, it is important to remember self-care is not always as

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